The HOWLETT Consultancy for Archaeological Services The HOWLETT Consultancy for Archaeological Services
  • The Howlett Consultancy operates at the interface between development, planning and the cultural heritage.
  • The firm works for developers and minerals operators faced with meeting the expectations of Planning Authorities regarding the archaeological and heritage potential of proposed development sites.
  • Through our problem-solving and negotiating skills we seek cost savings and aim to prevent archaeology and heritage becoming unnecessarily contentious issues.
  • We provide the specialist archaeological knowledge and project management experience that a developer's professional team needs to secure planning approval and a successful development.
  • The Howlett Consultancy is based near Cambridge, with excellent transport links to the Capital and the rest of the UK.

We Provide:
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25 MacFarlane Grieve House, Papworth Everard, Cambridge CB23 3QA

Telephone: 01480 831800
Mobile: 07710 761 006